Oak massive furnishings are distinguished by their luxurious appearance, durability and environmental friendliness. Oak will bring a sense of comfort, comfort and warmth to your kitchen. Therefore, the models of the kitchens from the company "Striha" will surely please you. We will be able to make furniture for the individual sizes of your kitchen. In the kitchen industry, we use the old traditional technology of manufacturing furniture from an oak massif. Do not use MDF, sawdust and veneer. The cheapest material is furniture plywood. Such a kitchen is "doomed" to serve for a long time. Choose a style, and the rest is for us. We will not do it very quickly (mostly it's 2-3 months), but we will try to do it qualitatively!

Kitchen M.P. + G.V. 650
Cornice "carved", m/p 40
Upper tier height 1m, m/p 40
Round door, pc. 240
Speech forward, pc. 210
Frieze + envelope, m/p 40