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Slab began its modern history in Northern America. Two hundred years ago the industrialized world touched the wild nature of America. Naturally, there was a forest – an ancient, long-standing one. There were huge trees. The diameter of the tree was 10 meters, the height – 120 meters. In 1990 Americans brought the table to the exhibition in Paris. The length of the slab was 100 m, the width – 10m. But what did Europe have? Evidently, there were not such forests in Europe. They were burnt out, cut down for thousands of years. There is no more any wildwoods. For example, my native Carpathians had a Tees. It was that wood thanks to which the forests were formed. It has been the most valuable conifer but now it has become extinct. So, it is natural that Americans were first to use large tables in their houses. They named such material a ‘slab’. And we being the pioneers in this area in Ukraine have our designation – a wooden slab.


And what does our nature give us? What can we make of that? It is possible to make a lot. Firstly – TABLES MADE OF SLABS. Tables can be different – kitchen, dining, desktop, table of the head manager, conference one. I think conference tables MADE OF SLABS will be the most presentable. And coffee tables are not exception either. Secondly, BEDS MADE OF SLABS. It is a very good idea to use a slab to make the headboard of the bed. And it is not needed to have a wooden house for this, or to live off the beaten path. It would be very suitable for a ‘loft’ or ‘eco modern’ style. Thirdly – consoles, washing stands, kitchen work surfaces, loft doors, wine racks, paintings, mirrors, benches, waiting rooms. Everything above can be made of slabs. Let’s do it!


What sprang your mind first? What material to use? An oak? Certainly Ukraine is very rich in oaks. But are they wide enough? Yes, they are. We can find them in people’s yards. Sometimes, they cause real troubles. Hurricanes make the branches broken and it makes an impact on people’s goods. It seems to be the end of the tree. Instead of making of it the firewood, we want to give the tree a second life – in your home. Besides, ash trees, nut trees, elm trees, sycamores, wych-elms, acacias, bog oaks and beeches can be used.


If someone sells an oak table which width is 60cm and says it is a slab, be sure – it’s not true. We consider a SLAB should have a width 80-100-120-140 cm. But in the process of producing the product, the slab appears to be not very large (50-60cm). But it has a unique texture. These one are made of big logs. So we will consider them as slabs. A NUT TREE. A nut tree is in no very favorable situation in Ukraine. So, the slabs made of it cannot be very large. To the row of smaller slabs we can also add a BOG OAK. It is very beautiful from the edge of the log to the croaker. The conclusion is: rough tables are just rough tables. But the SLAB is made of the big tree or it must be a very unique and beautiful table.

What should YOU wait from US?

EUROPEAN OAK, 100-150 years old. Diameter – 90-130cm. The width of the tables – 70-110cm. The length of the tables – 250-330-360-450cm ( from 300 $ per sq. m.). A BOG OAK, 150, 250 years old. Diameter – 220cm. It is strawy in the middle and dark at the edges. A very unique edge of the table. The length of the tables – 260-300-330-360-400cm. The width – 60-80-100-120cm (from 550$ per sq. m. ). A BOG BEECH, 120 years old. Diameter – 100cm. The length of the stem was 20 meters!!! Its unicity is in that thing that before being in the water, the tree had been in fire!!! The edge of the table is burnt. That is a very inimitable. You will not find anything similar to this throughout the Internet. A NUT TREE. Usually, we offer products of two tables (DOUBLE) – from 400 $ per sq m. AN ASH TREE. Diameter – 90-130cm. Big light tables. Unforgettable texture (from 350$ per sq. m.). Everything described above is in the storage and is waiting for you. Besides, you can choose the bottom of the table you like: glass, plexiglass, practicable beam, stainless steel, metal in powder coating.


Next season we will be looking for an elm tree, a sycamore, an acacia and a chestnut tree. As soon as we find them out, they will be available on the website. There is no limit of telling you about the trees, slabs and bog oaks. But we, the residents of Western Ukraine, like to work more, than to talk. So we go to work looking forward to YOU!!!

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