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Виробники мебелі з дуба

Be sure you will not waste your time if you visit our website.

Be sure you will not waste your time if you visit our website.
For this we have made several things:

Firstly, it is very simple, it is not overloaded.
Secondly, we take photos by a camera, not by a mobile. Also we don’t prevent them by logotype in order to not irritate you (let they steal for a health).
Besides you can find sizes of furniture and prices. But it was not easy here. Because of situation in our country prices vary very often (it is hard to change them at the website). So we have made a decision to articulate price in US dollar but payment is in UAH.
For a coclusion customer can see not only furniture but its price too.
But is it worth of its price?
Just see.

1. Material – made of an oak.
2. Product certification. All products have a certification of European sample which is published in the EU.
3. Classical technology of production. Currently it is very rarely used because of huge labor costs.
4. Italian paints VERNICOLOR have a possibility to paint in 200 colours. Almost all furniture is patinated (included in the price ). There is no any smell (materials are very expensive and of high quality ).
5. We do not use sawdust stove producing our furniture.
6. There is no veneered surface ( sooner or later it will fall behind and it is not adaptable for water and hot facilities ). Bottom drawer is made of plywood. But we already produce some collections in THE BEST performance, where even rear of wardrobe, commode, showcase is made of an oak. You can meet it only in branded boutiques of Europe.
7. Huge storage programm for top models, which will be in your home in ten days.
8. Warranty on all products is 24 months.
9. Advance for the furniture is very small – only 5 %. Delivery across Ukraine by Nova Poshta ( expensive but reliable). After getting goods you will pay money.
10. If you have cafe, restaurant, hotel we will offer you exactly what you are looking for.
11. If you want to make a mansion (furniture, stairs, doors) in the way it does not irritate you – the same applied paint, varnish and patina, the same raw materials on the stairs and doors, the same style – we promise you to do as well as you want.
12. If you are authorized by Western European company to find a producer in Ukraine – be sure you have already found him. We have a certificate and registered firm in Poland. So this gives us an opportunity of clearance. Delivery to any European point is also possible. Oak furniture is very expensive there, – so selling it you can earn a good money.


Make the conclusions by yourselves.
But if you want to read about wonderful energetics, environmental and durability, that tree is always “trendy” you can read it at the other popular websites.


Furniture from solid oak